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RDR Technologies offers fire retardant sprays for nearly every material, and to meet every code. We work with the top manufacturers in the country, and focus on the best products for each category. We always encourage our customers to call us with any questions, to make sure we get the best solution to your problem.

Most fire retardant sprays are considered 'saturants,' which means they soak into the materials and bond with the fibers. Other retardants work more like paints, where they coat the surface of the material. Still others do both, mainly for exterior projects where they need to resist the effects of weather, like for exterior wood, or tiki thatch.

Here are some typical uses for fire retardant sprays:

We usually have several products available for each surface - picking the right product involves knowing the code requirements, previous treatment of the surface, and even the state you live in. We will be happy to work with you to get you the right product to help you meet fire code! Give us a call at 405-702-0055.

BanFire RetardantBanFire flame retardant spray for fabricis manfuactured by RDR Technologies, and is favored by schools, nursing homes, day cares and restaurants for its ease of use, low odor, and effectiveness. With a coverage rate of 400 sq ft per gallon, it is one of the most cost effective retardants available. BanFire can be applied with a standard trigger sprayer in a quart bottle, or for larger projects, purchased by the gallon and applied with a garden sprayer. It can even be applied with an airless paint sprayer (on a low-pressure setting).

BanFIre has passed the NFPA 701 test for hanging fabrics in public spaces, and is accepted by most fire marshals. It has also passed the CA 1237.1 test for hanging fabrics for California. This makes BanFire acceptable for 90 percent of the needs of most public facilities. If there is ever a question, just call us.

Apply BanFire to clean material, allow to dry, then repeat. You don't have to soak it - just spray it till damp. If you soak it, product will drip out, and it will also dry very stiff. if the fabric has been hanging up for a long time (years, decades, etc.) it will probably need to be cleaned to remove the accumulated dust. A good vacuuming is usually adequate. SHOPPING CART





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RDR Technologies specializes in fire retardants, fire suppressants, and several other specialty chemicals. In addition to making our own formulas, we offer many excellent products from other manufacturers as well. We have available several other fire retardants that are not listed here. If you have a need for a special type of fire retardant, or you are not sure which product you need, feel free to call Doug at 405-702-0055, and we will do our best to get you the correct product.