FX Lumber Guard Fire Retardant Coating for Exterior Wood

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This fire retardant coating for exterior wood is formulated for EXTERIOR fireproofing wood, Lumber, Plywood, Reclaimed Wood, Tiki / Thatch, Mulch and other woods that are exposed to the elements. 'Class A Retardant' according to ASTM E84, and one of the only retardants that has passed the extended weathering test. Comes with documentation for fire marshal.

Exterior FR for all porous Wood, Lumber, Plywood, Mulch, Thatching and Shake Shingles: such as SYP, Oak, Redwood, Cedar, Doug / Hem Fir, SPF, Bamboo, Reed Thatching and other porous materials.

Test and Standards:

  • ASTM E84 & ASTM 2768 (30 minute) Test
  • ASTM D2898 Standard Rain Process, Extended Weatherization
  • NFPA 255-703,
  • ANSI/UL 723 and UBC 42.1 Class A
Application Process:
Material to be treated must be clean & dry before treating. Agitate product before and during application. Apply FX Lumber Guard XT as it is received. FX Lumber Guard XT maybe sprayed on with a low pressure hand pump sprayer, rolled on with paint roller or brushed on with a paint brush at a rate of 300-350 sf per gallon depending on material being treated.

(Vertical spraying) Start from the bottom and work up as there is less run off this way. More than one coat may be necessary. If so, wait for the first coat to dry completely (12-32 hrs depending on weather) before applying other coats. Rinse equipment & wash hands with soap and water.
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