What are the 3 Main Ways to Apply a Fire Retardant?

What are the 3 Main Ways to Apply a Fire Retardant?

Flame retardants are essential to slowing the spread of fire or preventing a fire from occurring in the first place. For decades, they have been used in many consumer and industrial products to minimize destruction to property and loss of life. Flame retardants are added or applied to a variety of products, including fabrics, metal coatings, drywall, electronics, wire and cable, and insulation materials. There are three main ways to apply a fire retardant. Which one is right for you will most likely depend on the substrate (material) you need to protect.

The3 Main Ways to Apply a Fire Retardant

If you want to shop based on substrate, you will see several unique options. It makes sense that you would apply a fire retardant to wood much differently than you would fabric drapes!

#1 Paint

Let's first discuss paint fire retardants. These are useful for wood, metal, drywall, and other hard substances. While they are often applied during construction, you can always apply it afterwards if you worry that it never happened in the first place or it's been several years and you want to reapply fire retardant for extra protection. One of our top-selling fire retardant paints is the Contego HIGH SOLIDS Fire Retardant Paint/Primer for Steel. It provides exceptional protection from heat and fire, plus a smooth, thin, decorative finish. This paint can be sprayed, brushed, or rolled on just like regular paint, so no extra equipment is needed.

#2 Spray

You can't paint work uniforms or curtains hanging near a stove. When you're looking for fabric protection, you need a fire retardant spray. BanFire Fire Retardant Spray for Fabric is ideal for drapes, curtains, and other hanging fabrics and decorations in public spaces. It is also effective on paper and cardboard. This product is simple to apply. All you need to do is spray it on until the fabric is damp, let it dry, and then repeat. Quart bottles comes with a trigger sprayer.

#3 Foam

RDR Technologies has been offering the Cold Fire line of fire fighting foam and equipment since 2007. Cold Fire is a UL-listed non-toxic 'green' fire fighting foam that can extinguish nearly any type of fire, including a fire on wood, tires, grass, gasoline, and more. According to Verisk’s 2019 Wildfire Risk Analysis, 4.5 million U.S. homes were identified at high or extreme risk of wildfire, with more than 2 million in California alone. If you live in an area prone to wildfires and want extra protection for your home, this is the product you're looking for.

Order Your Fire Retardant From RDR Technologies

We encourage you to browse our website in order to find the exact product or products you're looking for. Whether you need paint, spray, or foam, our products will drastically improve the amount of time you have to react to the danger of fire.

Oct 29th 2021 RDR Technologies

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