5 Minute Ignition Barrier

5 Minute Ignition Barrier

What is a 5 Minute Ignition Barrier?

Ignition sprays and paints are products added to stop a perceived hazardous material from igniting into flames. The use of paint and spray foam ignition barriers can delay or prevent the combustion of spray foam insulation materials. 

Ignition Barrier vs Thermal Barrier

Although they both look to delay or prevent fire, ignition barriers and thermal barriers are slightly different. Ignition sprays and paints are products added to certain materials to provide a foam barrier of fire protection, white thermal barriers are physical barriers placed between spray foam insulation and the rest of the interior living space. 

How to Use 5 Minute Ignition Spray Barriers

Applying spray foam ignition barriers is very easy. After finding the right tools for the job, you apply the ignition spray on what you want to add fire protection to, allowing it to dry for the foam barrier to form. Learn more on How Do You Use Ignition/Thermal Barrier Paint?

Ignition Spray or Paint? Choosing the Right 5 Minute Ignition Barrier

Both ignition sprays and paints provide excellent and long-lasting coverage. However, the type of ignition barrier you choose can depend on the material you are applying it to. For example, the Fireproof Paint for Steel | Contego HIGH SOLIDS Fire Retardant Paint/Primer for Steel by Contego is an ideal choice for steel. However, the Spray on Thermal Barrier - DC315 Thermal Barrier Paint for Spray Foamby International Fireproof Technologies works better on Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF).


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