How long does fire retardant last on fabric?

Flame retardant sprays for fabric are certified to last for a minimum of a year. However, if you wash your treated exterior fabric constantly, we recommend you apply the flame resistant spray again before the certified time is up.

What is the best flame retardant?

One of the best fire retardant sprays for fabric is the FabricSafe II for Exterior Canvas. It can be used on plenty of exterior fabrics such as canvas and leather and provides protection against flame spread. Additionally, it also contains an extra layer of protection that prevents the flame resistant spray from being washed away by rain and sunlight.

At RDR Technologies, we are committed to offering the highest quality flame retardant products on the market. Additionally, we are the sole national distributor of some of the most renowned fire retardant manufacturers. We are proud to offer the best fire retardant spray for fire protection to meet all your needs.

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  • FabricSafe II for Exterior Canvas

    FabricSafe II for Exterior Canvas

    Flame Safe

    $24.95 - $275.00
    FABRIC SAFE 2 exterior flame retardant spray penetrant for canvas and leather. Use to treat raw, uncoated canvas to protect against flame spread. Polymers keep it from being washed out in the rain and sunlight. Perfect for festival and event tents...
    $24.95 - $275.00
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    $24.95 - $275.00
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