Intumescent Paint for Interior Spray Foam

RDR Technologies offers the best products to keep your property or construction protected from fire. We provide the highest quality ignition barriers for interior spray polyurethane foam (SPF). Protect your attic, crawl space, and other insulated interior spaces with our wide selection of products. Shop for the best intumescent paint for spray foam at RDR Technologies.


Does Interior Spray Foam Insulation Require Intumescent Coating?

Yes, SPF is a highly flammable product that’s present in most, if not all, types of construction. Applying a fire retardant coating can not stop spray foam from lighting on fire. However, it can slow ignition time, and fire spread throughout the property. This provides valuable time for everyone inside to escape and helps minimize damage before help arrives.


How to Apply Intumescent Paint over Spray Foam

Professionals usually perform the application of ignition barriers. However, some states don’t have certification limits for applying this product. An intumescent coating for spray foam is quite easy to apply. Since it’s usually water-based or latex paint, it can be applied in various ways, including with a paintbrush, spray gun, or paint roller. 

 We recommend you read each product’s specifications for detailed instructions.


Why Choose RDR Technologies?

RDR Technologies specializes in producing fire retardants, fire suppressants, and a range of specialized chemicals.

  • Explore a diverse range of products, including our proprietary formulas and exceptional offerings from other manufacturers.
  • We are committed to delivering high-quality products that meet specific code requirements and substrates.
  • Our team is readily available for consultations with inspectors and code officials, ensuring you obtain the ideal products for your project.
  • In addition to the showcased fire retardants, we provide additional options, broadening the selection to meet your unique needs.
  • Rely on our dedicated team to assist you in discovering the best product for your project.

Choose RDR Technologies for reliable protection against fire hazards for yourself and your loved ones.


RDR Technologies, Meeting Your Fire Retardant Needs

At RDR Technologies, we are committed to assisting homeowners, business owners, and professional contractors to meet their fire protection needs. We pride ourselves on being the only national distributor of some of the best fire retardant brands in the industry. Additionally, we only offer products we trust and believe in, ensuring every fire retardant product we offer is of the highest quality.

 Browse our selection of fire retardants for interior SPF applications and keep your property protected or your construction in line with building codes.

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