Drywall Fire Resistance Products

Is drywall fire-resistant?

Technically, yes. Drywall is made up of a material called gypsum which has a high resistance to heat. However, regular drywall on its own might not be fire resistant enough to meet building codes or provide as much protection as possible. In order to meet fire codes and have truly fire resistant materials, building contractors can opt for fire retardants for drywall. These products provide an extra layer of protection to the gypsum board and get the desired rating.


What Is a Wood Substrate?

Wooden substrates refer to products made of wood, plywood, rattan, bamboo and other similar materials. These surfaces are highly flammable and require an extra layer of protection against fire. Wildfire FX paint or a fire retardant latex clear coat can provide vital time for escaping a wooden structure in case of a fire. 

How to Make Wooden Substrates Fire Resistant?

Fire retardant paints are applied to wooden materials in order to slow down the development of fire when an ignition source is present. Fire retardant latex clear coats for wooden substrates are the best option for making them fire resistant. You can shop for Wildfire FX paint and other fire retardant additives at RDR Technologies.

Where Can You Buy Retardants for Wood Substrates?

At RDR, we have a wide selection of fire retardants for wood substrates for sale online. We offer the highest-quality brands and products to provide a protective layer against fire to your wooden surfaces. Shop for fire retardants for wooden substrates at RDR today.

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