M-111PA Fire Retardant Additive for Paint

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Flamecheck M-111PA is a fire-retardant paint additive for latex (water based) Paint with a Class A fire rating. Flamecheck M-111PA is a water-based fire-retardant treatment that is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-bioavailable, non-allergenic, non-odorous when dry and environmentally friendly. Flamecheck M-111PA passed ASTM E-84 test with ZERO smoke development and ZERO flame spread. Can be used for both Interior and Exterior-grade latex paints. Non-intumescent. Coverage: treated paint covers 300-350 sq ft per gallon. Apply 2 coats or 2 mils thickness.
Application: Mix 8 oz to 1 US gallon of latex paint. Mix thoroughly. Airless spray gun is recommended. Smaller applications may use a high-quality paint brush or paint roller. Follow standard paint precautions, such as adequate ventilation, keep away from face and eyes. Wear safety gear.
Surface Preparation: Be sure the substrate is a paintable surface and clean and free of dust and grease.
Dry Time: May take up to 24-48 hours depending on humidity, temperature and thickness of coating.
Coverage: Treated paint covers 300-350 sq. ft. per gallon. Apply 2 coats or 2 mils thickness. It is recommended that you treat the substrate with a water-based flame retardant prior to painting.
Paint Additive Data Sheet
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