DekGard Fire Retardant Additive for Oil and Water Based Stain



DekGard is a fire retardant additive that turns most oil and/or water-based stains into a Class A fire retardant per CSFM TITLE 24 12-7A -4.8 PART B, also known as a 'burning brand test.' It is one of the only additives on the market today that can work with oil-based stains. It is perfect for exterior wood decks, gazebos and other wood structures, making it very suitable for high-risk fire and WUI (wildland urban interface) areas.

One 12oz bottle treats one gallon of stain.

DEKGARD was developed and tested to this standard with one critical difference: DekGard was tested to a Class “A” exposure which is FOUR times more stringent than the CSFM class “B” standard required. It was tested to the CSFM TITLE 24 12-7A -4.8 PART B standard requirement for testing qualification, required moisture content and verified by a CSFM-approved testing facility. The Dek Gard FRT treated material resisted the potential spread of flame, became ignition resistant and did not support the potential for burn through and total deck failure.

• Tested to Class A standard
• Meets CSFM 12-7A-4.8 Part B for the WUI Code
• Easy to Apply
• Mixes with Oil or Water Based Stains
• Protect your Deck from flying embers, spilled BBQ grills, Fireworks, etc.
• Tested at a CSFM and ICC approved Testing Lab

DekGard uses the stain as the carrier, so when the stain weathers out, it is time to re-treat. You can usually tell when the wood stops resisting water absorption. It is advisable to use the same type of stain/DekGard combo when re-treating; if you used oil-based stain the first time, use it on subsequent treatments. FYI: solid stains last longest, followed by regular stain, and transparent stains wear off the quickest, usually less than one year.

Environmental Impact

DekGard FRT poses ZERO threat to your environmental surroundings. In its raw non-blended form, it has no carbon footprint. It is pH balanced to not corrode or cause metallic fasteners to rust or fail. DekGard produces no toxic off-gassing and no threat of combustion. DekGard is non-flammable in its non-blended state. DekGard requires no special handling, and is harmless to vegetation. DekGard can be cleaned with simple warm water and a cloth in its non-blended form. Store out of the sun in non-extreme temperatures. DekGard will not lose its effectiveness over time even when blended. 

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