Painted & Sealed Wood Substrate Paint

Painted & Sealed Wood Substrate Paint

Drywall Fire Resistance Products

Is drywall fire-resistant?

Technically, yes. Drywall is made up of a material called gypsum which has a high resistance to heat. However, regular drywall on its own might not be fire resistant enough to meet building codes or provide as much protection as possible. In order to meet fire codes and have truly fire resistant materials, building contractors can opt for fire retardants for drywall. These products provide an extra layer of protection to the gypsum board and get the desired rating.


At RDR Technologies, you can find any substrate paint you need to make your surfaces resistant to fire. We have a wide inventory of fire retardant paint for substrates. They include those for both painted and sealed wood floors, walls, and other wooden surfaces. Shop for fire retardant paints and fire retardant additives to paint any substrate at RDR Technologies.

Why Add Fire Retardant to Paint Substrates?

Fire retardant paints provide protective coatings against fire on all types of surfaces. These fire-resistant products allow additional time to escape a fire, delaying combustion. Because wooden surfaces, such as wooden floors and walls, are highly flammable, fire retardants are vital. 

At RDR Technologies, we offer a wide selection of retardant additives and paints for wooden substrates. These products are of the highest quality and provide long-lasting results. No cleaning product can remove these paint retardant coatings, no matter how abrasive.

Choosing the Right Wood Substrate Paint

Different types of retardants are ideal for specific substrates. Wooden surfaces, painted and sealed wood in particular, require special retardants. These special products provide the needed protective coat, without damaging the wax finish or oil finish applied to the sealed wood.

At RDR Technologies, we have a wide collection of fire retardants for wooden substrate paints. Our paints can be dipped or sprayed over hardwood floors, bamboo surfaces, and more. Our wood substrate paints work on any finishing, including wax, oil, shellac, and lacquer. 

We also offer retardants for a variety of spaces. For example, those for exterior areas are waterproof. These offer protection against any drop of water on the floor, wall, and other surfaces. 

Browse our collection of retardants today and find the ideal one to paint any substrate and surface you need. If you need extra assistance picking the best product, please get in touch with our knowledgeable staff.

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