FP100 Fire Retardant Clear Coat

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FP100 is a high intumescent fire retardant coating. It can be used on any type of wood, porous or non-porous. Interior use. Class A rated for ASTM E84, 30 minute extended test.
  • ASTM E84 - Class A
  • ASTM E2768 - 30 Minute Extended Test on engineered I-Joists and OSB
  • High-intumescing action
  • Dries clear
  • Coverage rate - one coat at 200 sq ft per gallon.

FP100 is a high intumescent retardant coating that swells as a result of heat exposure or flame, converting combustible gases and tars to non-combustible carbon char causing the surface to bubble-up and creating a thermal barrier between the fire and the treated material. The carbon char is a poor conductor of heat, protecting the substrate from being consumed by the fire.

APPLICATION: Treat before, during or after construction. Be sure surface is clean and dry before treating. Apply with brush or roller. May be necessary to wipe on hardwood surfaces. Treat all surface areas where possible. Scuffing or lightly abrading the surface may be necessary to improve adhesion.
Do not expose treated area to moisture for 24 hours.
All surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry. FP100 fire retardant coating is a water-based, clear liquid that becomes insoluble when dry. On exterior wood FP100 can last five years or more, while maintaining a flame spread index of less than 25. In extreme weather conditions it may be necessary to re-coat surfaces every three to five years. It also acts as a preservative, waterproofing agent, ultra violet inhibitor, mold and mildew inhibitor, and it repels insects. If over coating is intended, FP100 fire retardant coating is an excellent surface primer for use under latex paints, or can be used as a finished coat over water based stains. Finished surfaces will exhibit semi-gloss to gloss finish similar to lacquers or epoxies.
Contact parts of any equipment should be stainless steel or plastic to prevent chemical reaction and breakdown.
Storage may be done in polyethylene containers.
CAUTION: Product must not freeze. It must not be thinned or diluted. Do not apply FP100 below 40°F (4.45°C) or relative humidity conditions greater than 80%.
OVERSPRAY: The overspray will not harm plants or animals. Spills can be flushed with water. A rag wetted with bleach and water mix will clean up spotting.
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