Fire Retardant Paint for Plastic

Shop for high-quality fire retardant paint for plastic at RDR Technologies. We help contractors meet safety requirements and building code compliance, offering a wide variety of products.

How do you make plastic fire resistant?

You can make paint fire resistant by adding a flame retardant coating for plastic. This product adds a protective barrier over the plastic material that slows down the development of fire and reduces the intensity of it. Although the product will still burn, its fire block paint will provide people close to it with more time to escape.

Does fire retardant paint for plastic work?

Yes, flame retardant coatings for plastic are a highly effective way to slow down flame spread and meet fire safety requirements. Although it doesn’t fully prevent fires from occurring, fire block paint greatly reduces the flammability of plastic items. Most importantly, fire retardant paint for plastic provides people inside the building with more time to escape a fire and ultimately save their lives.

How long does fire resistant paint last?

The duration of a fire retardant paint for plastic truly depends on the product itself, so it is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions. Nevertheless, products that are constantly used and washed require regular reapplication. 

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