Find All Fire Retardant Chemical Technologies in RDR Technologies

RDR Technologies specializes in fire retardant sprays, paints and coatings, as well as fire suppressants and other specialty chemicals. Our goal is to offer the 'best in class' products for each code requirement and substrate. We work with the top fire retardant manufacturers in the country to give you a one-stop shop to meet your fire code requirements. In addition to making our own BanFire line of sprays, powders and paint formulas, we offer many excellent products from other manufacturers as well. If you have a need for a special type of fire retardant, or you are not sure which product you need, feel free to call us at 405-306-3062 or email, and we will do our best to get you the correct product. We are happy to talk with inspectors and code officials to determine proper products for your project, if needed. 


Regarding shipping, most items will ship UPS or FEDEX Ground. If you need expedited shipping or for larger orders that ship via LTL/Freight, please call us and place your order by phone so we can get you the best price. For international shipments, please call or email, and we will figure shipping options.

What are Fire Retardant Chemical Technologies?

Fire retardants are chemicals added to products like furniture foam, electronics, plastics and textiles, that prevent or slow the development of fire when an ignition source is present. RDR Technologies represents more than a dozen fire retardant manufacturers from around the country, offering a wide array of fire retardant chemical technologies which include:

Fire Retardant Sprays

A clear, non-toxic, flame-diminishing spray ideal to prevent the spread of flames on fabrics. Fire retardant sprays can be used on surfaces where paint can’t and it’s pretty budget-friendly. Want to know more? Read the 5 Main Advantages of Fire Retardant Spray .

Fire Retardant Paints

Adding fire retardant paints to surfaces looks to extend the time that people have to get out of a burning building. It is great for materials such as steel, drywall and wood. Read more on How Fire Retardant Paint Works.

Fire Retardant Coatings

Adding fire retardant coatings to different surfaces and substrates can help prevent or at least contain fires. Learn all about Fire Retardant Coatings: Answers to Your Burning Questions.

Fire Suppressant Agents

These agents use foam, chemicals or inert gas to suppress fire. At RDR Techonolgies we offer a variety of fire suppressant agents, but we recommend you read more about Cold Fire FAQs: What is a Fire Suppression Agent?