Cold Fire FAQs: What is a Fire Suppression Agent?

Cold Fire FAQs: What is a Fire Suppression Agent?

Even if you didn't know the science behind fire and how to put it out, you'd still know that a fire is something you want to avoid. However, if you did know a bit more about the science of fires, you'd have an easier time understanding how a fire spreads and why certain things work to put out fires. This is why we want to answer your questions today, in order to better educate you in important safety-related matters.

One question we hear quite often is, "What is a fire suppression agent?" As your go-to industry expert for all things related to fire safety and fire retardant spray products, we're happy to answer it!

What is a Fire Suppression Agent?

Fire sprinklers use water to extinguish and control fires, while a fire suppression agent uses a variety of non-water-based agents. You can put out fire with water, but that's not always handy or needed. Your other option is a fire suppression agent.

By definition, a fire suppression agent uses either a foam, chemical, or inert gas to suppress a fire at the inception stage before it can grow. Each type has unique properties that might lend themselves well to differing fire types, depending on certain properties and hazards in the area. This is done to suppress, or put out, the fire rather than water. It can be used at the first sign of heat, smoke, or small flames.

As a quick example, carbon dioxide is known as an extinguishing gas. This is due to its physical properties and the fact that fires need oxygen to burn and grow. If you remove the oxygen and replace it with carbon dioxide, you remove the fire too!

Our Top Recommendation for a Fire Suppression Spray

This is a high-level view of how these agents work. Now, it's time to select the product that is right for you. We encourage you to look further into Cold Fire Concentrate. It is one of our top recommendations for a fire suppression spray, because it works so well and is a top-quality product.

Cold Fire Concentrate is a multi-purpose fire suppressing agent that beats other foams by a mile! It is completely "green" and non-toxic. Cold Fire foam puts out any Class A or B fire, hydrocarbons, both polar and non-polar solvents, as well as metals, tires, and asphalt. It extinguishes all fires, even oil and alcohol-based fires, quickly and on contact. This is why it is used by fire departments and police departments all over the world. Even better- it never expires!

This one agent that can replace several products. For this or other cold fire options, we encourage you to shop our online catalog.

Feb 28th 2022 RDR Technologies

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