5 Main Advantages of Fire Retardant Spray

If you are considering the need for fire retardant spray, you are right to think this is a good idea. These sprays are clear, non-toxic and made for sheers, organza, and other specialty fabrics, especially those with a higher plastic content. There are numerous benefits to using these sprays. Just a few of the top advantages include:

#1 This spray foam gives you additional time to either escape or put out the flames. It wouldn't be accurate to say that fire retardant spray "puts out" a fire the way water does. Fighting a fire is really a fight against time. Fire retardant spray gives you more time, meaning the fight is easier to win. Treated materials with this spray have been shown to significantly slow the spread of fires. It also reduces the chance that the surface will ignite in the first place, because the flames aren't leaping all across the room.

#2 It can save lives. Sadly, people die in fires. Since these sprays slow the spread of fire, it gives the residents of a home or people inside a business time to exit the building. This greatly decreases the chance of lost lives.

#3 You can save money on insurance coverage. You're not the only one who doesn't want your building going up in flames! Fire retardant spray has the potential to save insurance companies a lot of money, which means they are often happy to incentivize you to make this choice. Less fires means both fewer and less expensive insurance claims. This makes everyone happy! Be sure to inquire with your insurance company about what savings they can pass on to you.

#4 It can be used where paint cannot. Fire retardant paint is another fantastic product on the market, but it cannot be used on every single substrate. You can't paint curtains! However, there are sprays made precisely for this. Consider one of our top favorites, BanFire Fire Retardant Spray for Fabric. It is made specifically for drapes, curtains, and other hanging fabrics and decorations in public spaces. It is also effective on paper and cardboard!

#5 It is inexpensive. You may think something like this would be very costly, but it's not. You can buy a 12 ounce can of Cold Fire Aerosol Extinguishing Spray for $15! Of course, the price you pay will depend upon your exact product and how much of it you need. That being said, many of our products can be bought for less than $100. A full gallon of BanFire Poly Fire Retardant Spray for Sheer & Specialty Fabric is only $69.95. That's pretty incredible! A can or quart of fire retardant spray is plenty to cover a home's worth of fabric and other soft materials.

Clearly, buying fire retardant spray is a really, really good idea! Order yours today through RDR Technologies!

Jun 24th 2021 RDR Technologies

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