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Coldfire Extinguisher | Cold Fire Aerosol Extinguishing Spray - 12 oz

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What is this Cold Fire Spray?

Cold Fire, the amazing coldfire extinguisher spray, is an innovative safety tool designed to extinguish small fires and instantly cool down hot surfaces. It's perfect for putting out small fires in the kitchen and the shop, with quick and easy clean-up. It is an excellent tool for all trade applications that use open flames, like welders and plumbers. Using the same Cold Fire formula in use by fire and police departments all over the world, these handy 13.5 ounce canisters are the perfect size for home use as well. Keep a can in your car or truck, in your kitchen and in your garage. Fits in most truck glove compartments. Cold Fire will extinguish class A, B, D & K fires, which means everything from grass to fabrics to gasoline to magnesium to a kitchen grease fire.Cold Fire Spray has a custom nozzle that puts the exact amount of product to the fire to extinguish it rapidly and safely, with enough force and distance so you don't have to get too close to the fire. Intended for supplemental use; not intended to replace an NFPA 10 compliant extinguisher where required. Not available in all states. UL Classified Formula 2N75 (does not apply to canister). Non-toxic, non-corrosive. Effective on tires, belts, hoses, grass, wood, gas, diesel and more.Independently certified to contain NO PFOA or PFOS "forever chemicals."

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