Flame Safe

FP50CC Fire Retardant Spray for Artificial Plants and Foliage

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$32.00 - $335.00


What is this Spray Paint for Plants? How Does it Protect Artificial Plants Outside?

This fireproofing spray is a special fire retardant formula designed to protect artificial Christmas trees, and other artificial foliage and decorations. It is a clear, intumescing top-coat. For nursing homes, schools, day cares, malls and other public buildings that are required to meet Life Code 101 standard. One quart will treat one typical five-foot tree. Comes with documentation for fire marshal.
  • NFPA 701
  • Clear top-coat
  • Designed to meet Life Code 101

Spray outside or in a well ventilated area. Product has a strong odor. Use standard trigger sprayer on mist setting. Spray liberally, working from the inside (close to the trunk) to the outer branches, and from the bottom up. Allow to dry and cure completely before bringing back inside.

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