Shield Industries

FireGuard E84 Fire Retardant Paint for Drywall & Sheetrock



FireGuard E-84 intumescent coating is an intumescent paint that is especially recommended to reach 1 and 2 hour fire ratings on drywall / sheetrock for wall assemblies and floor/ceiling assemblies.

Endurance, Flame Spread, and Smoke Index Tested
1 & 2-hour Wall Assembly Rated | 1-hour Floor and Ceiling Rated
Structural Steel and Spray Foam Insulation
Formulated to Meet the following Test Standards
UL 263 / UL 723 / ASTM E-119 / ASTM E-84 / ASTM E-2768/ UL 10B
NFPA: 251 / NFPA: 255 / NFPA: 703 / NFPA: 252
ULC S101 / ULC S102 / UBC 8.1 / UL 1715 / UBC 26-3 / UBC 7-1
Alberta Fire Code Article

Water-based and nontoxic, this intumescent coating is applied just like standard paints. FireGuard E-84 can be applied by rolling, brushing, or spraying. As little as two coats can create a fire-rated wall for your structure.

If you need to topcoat over the E84 paint for aesthetics or color matching, you will need to apply a coat of 'Z Tie-Coat' prior to the topcoat. The tie-coat improves adhesion and prevents the topcoat from delaminating. Call for pricing.

NOTE: The manufacturer (Shield Industries) sometimes asks us to submit a few details on each customer's project, just to to make sure the product is correct. We may ask you to fill out a short 1-page form via email. Because these paints are not returnable, this makes for happier people all around.

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