Flame Stop

1DS Fire Retardant for Tiki Thatch and Bamboo - 5 Gallon Pail



1-DS Fire Retardant is a Class A retardant for thatch, bamboo, mulch, open cell foam and closed cell foam, nylon netting and many other difficult to treat materials.

Water based and non-toxic, it is designed to penetrate dense materials like thatch on tiki huts and effectively fire retard both open and closed cell structures. It can also be used on hay, straw, synthetic fabrics, furniture, hardwoods, decorative wood, plastics and other difficult to penetrate surfaces. One gallon covers 100 square feet with two coats. 1-DS is a pyrolitic formulation that prevents the spread of flames by developing a chemically self-extinguishing reaction. 1-DS is a clear, penetrating chemical. 1-DS is an FAA Certified, Class A one-coat system with a flame spread of 10 on reed thatching. This product is a Class A rated fire retardant and can be used for exterior purposes. It can be applied by either dipping or spraying and can be top coated with any latex paint system.

Treated fabrics can be washed up to 15 times before reapplication is necessary. For exterior applications it is recommended that 1-DS be reapplied after two years. Allow 48 hours for curing before top-coating with most latex-based paints. This product dries clear. This product is highly concentrated and has significant wetting properties. I-DS was designed to penetrate and effectively fire retard open and closed cell structures. When the treated material is subjected to an open flame, the retardant will pyrolitically self-extinguish fires with minimal smoke.

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