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BanFire Flame Retardant Kit - 6 Quarts

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  • BanFire Flame Retardant Kit - 6 Quarts
  • BanFire Flame Retardant Kit - 6 Quarts
  • BanFire Flame Retardant Kit - 6 Quarts


The BanFire Flame Retardant Kit is everything that most small facilities will need to keep compliance with fire codes like NFPA 701 and Life Code 101 as well as Section 1237.1 of Title 19, CalFire regulations. Nursing homes, eldercare, day care centers, schools and other facilities that get regular inspections from the fire marshal will appreciate the documentation packet which contains all the information that the fire marshal requires. Approved for use in California and nationwide, but check with your fire marshal to ensure it meets their requirements.For most facilities, the problems come from the 'homey' touches that people bring in for decoration - custom-made curtains, posters, decorations, throw rugs, and the like. With our easy-to-use fire retardant kit, you will have enough on hand for several years!

Just $99 for six quarts of ready-to-use retardant, enough to treat 600 sq feet of fabric and other absorbent decorations. Comes with documentation for fire marshal. Plus, we'll give you FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental United States!

6 quarts BanFire
MSDS Sheet
Spec Sheet
Certificate of Flame Resistance Treatment

BanFire is easy to use. Just spray BanFire on the item or surface being treated, let dry, then repeat. You may also dip the items and allow to drip dry, although the fabric will become stiff. In all applications, allow BanFire to completely penetrate the item or surface. Allow material to air-dry completely. If you are using BanFire to fire-retard clothing, carpeting and other fabrics, it is recommended that BanFire be reapplied after washing, as some of the product's effectiveness will be diminished due to washing. Once treated, the product is effective until washed out.
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