Does Fire Retardant Spray Smell?

Does Fire Retardant Spray Smell?

A fire retardant spray is the best way to prevent a catastrophic fire from breaking out. By definition, a fire retardant spray is a clear, flame-diminishing spray that is ideal for preventing the rapid spread of flames on a range of upholstery, paper-based materials, and soft furnishings. Fire retardant paint is great for steel, drywall, and wood, and fire retardant spray is ideal for fabrics.

You may see this and think "Well, that sounds great...but what about the smell? Won't a chemical spray smell bad?" We're glad you asked, because we want to do away with this misconception right now! In fact, flame retardants like a fire retardant spray are odorless.

Fire Retardant Spray is Odorless

In our modern world, fire retardants are everywhere. Commercial buildings have steel beams painted with it. Fire escapes are covered in it. They are even dropped from airplanes during a wildfire! Fire retardant is 85 percent water, 10 percent fertilizer and 5 percent minor ingredients such as colorants, anti-corrosive material, thickeners (clay or natural gum), stabilizers and bactericides, according to the United States Forest Service public affairs specialist Jennifer Jones. While the spray for your drapes is a bit different that what is dropped to stop a raging forest fire, the principle is the same and the active ingredients are too. These ingredients are considered safe as well as odorless.

You certainly don't want to spray it on yourself or anywhere you'll be eating, but it is perfectly safe to use on it's intended substrate. Don't let the fear of a bad smell stop you from having the protection you need!

Our Top Choices for Fire Retardant Spray

When shopping for fire retardant spray on our website, you'll see some really great options. Our top recommendations include:

Fire Block Flame Retardant

This product comes in a gallon bottle and treats approximately 400 square feet. This means it is perfect for small projects like curtains and drapes, wall hangings, uniforms, areas around wood stoves, and other limited areas that need to be treated for fire protection.

BanFire Fire Retardant Spray for Fabric

BanFire meets the most common requirements looked for by US Fire Marshals and the state of California. It is ideal for drapes, curtains and other hanging fabrics and decorations in public spaces. It is also effective on paper and cardboard. One quart treats up to 100 square feet of fabric.

BanFire Poly Retardant for Sheer & Specialty Fabrics

Some modern fabrics have a higher plastic content than others and therefore must be treated in a unique manner. BanFire Poly is a clear, non-toxic flame retardant for sheers, organza and other specialty fabrics, especially those with a higher plastic content. It is approved for use in California and nationwide.

We encourage you to shop our website for the fire retardant products you need, including sprays designed for soft goods.

Sep 27th 2021 RDR Technologies

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