When Should I use Fire Retardant Paint?

When Should I use Fire Retardant Paint?

Fire retardant paints are decorative, protective coatings designed to reduce the spread of flames in the event of fire. This paint has the appearance of traditional paint products, but does much more than just look pretty. It also complies with building and fire codes, as well as gives the substrate rated flame spread protection.

It is designed to prevent flames from spreading for 30 up to 120 minutes. This paint makes it much harder for the building to catch on fire and if it does, the flame moves very slowly. Fire retardant paint prevents oxygen from fueling a fire by forming a protective barrier over the asset you’re protecting. This gives the people inside additional time to leave and the fire department time to arrive and put it out for good. In a fire, a few minutes can be the difference between life and death!

When Should I use Fire Retardant Paint?

The question should be, when shouldn't you use fire retardant paint? Fire retardant paint is typically recommended for steel and similar structures as it can keep those materials colder longer to prevent a collapse. Fire retardant paint is also often recommended for commercial properties and homes, escape routes, apartments, and any types of wooden structures. There are specific types of fire retardant paint made for each substrate, like Contego HIGH SOLIDS Fire Retardant Paint/Primer for Steel for steel and WT-103 Clear Coat Fire Retardant for wood.

Fire retardant paint first enables fires of a small scale to extinguish on their own. If that does not work, fire retardant paint slows the flame spread. This makes it a great addition to pretty much any and all building projects. There are fire retardant paint products made for drywall specifically, making it a great addition to your project.

Anytime you're painting a new house or commercial building, you should consider the option of fire retardant paint. You may shy away from it because it's a bit more costly, but we believe as you look further into this product you'll see it is worth it!

Order Fire Retardant Paint Online

Fire retardant paint slows flames from spreading and are meant for fires to self-extinguish. If you’re a facility manager, contractor, general contractor, or engineer looking for fire resistant paint for your facility, you can save money by choosing to buy fire retardant paint online. RDR Technologies specializes in fire retardant paints. As you shop our website, you'll see many great options for your upcoming painting project. Shop around and you'll be happy to discover we have everything you're looking for, and we can ship it directly to you in a few days. Shopping online via our website makes it much more convenient to get the flame protection you need for a price you want. 

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