Commonly Asked Questions: What Are Additives in Paint?

Commonly Asked Questions: What Are Additives in Paint?

Fire retardant paint can and should be your last line of defense against a catastrophic fire. This can be achieved through additives.We've spoken before about not only the fact that there are additives in paint but also why there are additives in paint. Now, let's dig into the topic a bit further. Why do we call them additives? What are their functions? What are additives in paint? Can they be applied to your home to offer you extra protection?

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  • What Are Additives for Paints?
  • What Do Additives Help Paint Achieve?
  • Achieving Fire Protection Through Paint

What Are Additives for Paints?

This question is a bit more complex than it may seem at first. Additives are defined as low-level ingredients that provide specific paint properties. The World Coatings Council tells us that additives are divided into five unique categories. The term “additives” is simply a catch-all phrase for chemicals that typically have the ability to react (either permanently or transiently) with other chemicals in a paint and coatings formulation or the surface of the substrate onto which the paint is applied.

What Do Additives Help Paint Achieve?

Paint can do more than make something look pretty. All different types of paint additives help your paint do more than sit there; they add functions. These functions would otherwise be difficult or impossible for the paint to achieve. They are used to prevent defects in the coating, like foam bubbles. That's only the beginning! Additives can add super powers to your paint, like mildew resistance, deforming, good flow, and leveling. There are special paints that can work as anti-fungal or algae resistant. Some paints are more durable than others. Specific paints boast rapid drying. All of these special characteristics are achieved through additives. As well, they can also be used to impart specific properties to the paint, like flame retardance. This is one we're going to focus on today.

Achieving Fire Protection Through Paint

Additives can help improve the appearance, durability, and flow of paints. They can also make whatever substrate you paint on more fire resistant. What a feature! These additives raise the ignition temperature of whatever you are painting, like the wall of your bedroom. These special additives provide you with valuable time to escape in the event of a fire. A few minutes makes a huge difference during a structure fire, so every second counts.

A fire won't wait, and neither should your shopping for the right products. What are additives in paint and what can they achieve? Now that your most-pressing questions have been answered, it's time to order your needed products and give your home the protection you need to breathe easy.

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