Learn How to Protect Artificial Plants Outside in the Florida Sun

Learn How to Protect Artificial Plants Outside in the Florida Sun

Artificial plants look exactly the same as "real" plants. However, they have an added benefit of being much easier to care for and sticking around for many years to come. Decorating the exterior of your Florida home with artificial plants is a simple way to reduce the amount of outside chores while also making sure that your décor looks great.

It's not all good news, though. You've seen news stories that imply these artificial plants are responsible for house fires. Could it be true?

Can Fake Plants Catch Fire in the Sun?

It’s a reasonable question. Safety is a necessary consideration when purchasing anything, including fake plants. Because Florida lies so close to the equator, it receives stronger sunlight than the rest of the country. The Florida sun is incredibly hot and bright, so it makes sense that these strong rays could ignite plastic sitting outdoors. Thankfully, the answer is that no- the sun won't make your fake plants spontaneously combust from the rays alone. It's not all good news though.

While the sun itself won't make your artificial plants catch fire, any type of fire around your home will be made much worse if the flames reach these plants. While they can't catch fire from the sun, they absolutely are highly-flammable. When wondering how to protect artificial plants outside, you should be looking for a product to make them less flammable.

How to Protect Artificial Plants Outside

It’s always better to be safe, which is why we sell fire retardant products for this situation. If concerned about how to protect artificial plants outside, we encourage you to take a deeper look at FP50CC Fire Retardant Spray for Artificial Plants and Foliage. This product features a special fire retardant formula designed to protect plastic trees, foliage, and other decorations. It is a clear, intumescent top-coat.

Knowing how to protect artificial plants outside is as simple as spraying FP50CC Fire Retardant Spray for Artificial Plants and Foliage! One quart will treat one typical five-foot tree, so if you have several smaller plants this quantity should suffice. We encourage you to use a standard trigger sprayer on mist setting and spray liberally, working from the inside closest to the trunk, to the outer branches, and from the bottom up. This is a clear top-coat, so once it is dry you won't be able to tell that your plant has additional fire protection just from looking at it. It's the perfect product!

Once you have a fire retardant spray on your artificial plants, they will not ignite or spread fire. This will be one less item to worry about when compiling your fire safety checks. Go ahead and order your needed products right away. A house fire won't wait for you to be ready!

Feb 28th 2022 RDR Technologies

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