Our Simple Guide on How to Apply Fire Retardant Spray

Our Simple Guide on How to Apply Fire Retardant Spray

According to FEMA, residential fires kill nearly 4,000 people per year in our country. That is a startling number. Sadly, most fatal fires occur when people are asleep in their homes. This is because smoke can lull a person into a deep slumber. If this is terrifying to read, you're not alone in thinking that. How can you protect yourself, your family, your pets, and your possessions? While no practical building material is truly fireproof, homeowners can help prevent such tragedies by using special products that make their houses and the items inside relatively fire-resistant. What you're looking to do is learn how to apply fire retardant spray.

What is a Fire Retardant Spray?

Before you can learn how to apply fire retardant spray, it's important to first understand what the product is. Fire retardant sprays are non-combustible chemicals applied in home and commercial buildings in order to:

Reduce a fire’s intensity

Stop the spread of a flames

Slow the spread of a fire

Reduce the smoke a fire produces

All approved formulas have a minimum Class A rating. This means they have a one to two hour flame spread. These coatings can be applied to many different substrates, including steel, fabrics, cables, drywall, wood, and plastics.

How to Apply Fire Retardant Spray

Thankfully, these sprays aren't difficult to apply at all. Most times, they are sprayed on with a standard paint sprayer. An extension on your paint gun makes it easy to apply the product from a distance. For a little extra help, a rotating tip will enable you to get in any tight, hard-to-reach areas. A brush can be used for small areas and touch up. If this sounds a lot like regular paint, you're right!

If additional coats are needed, we recommend you wait until the first coat has dried completely. This will be eight to 12 hours, depending on temperature and humidity. In total, we recommend 24 hours for a complete dry time.

Depending on where you live, you more than likely can apply fire retardant coatings on your own. However, we encourage you to check with your local codes and regulations to make sure that you don’t need to be a certified installer.

Knowing how to apply fire retardant sprays at your home can save lives. You know you want flame protection, and you know you want it as soon as possible. In total, we have dozens of fire retardant product options so you're sure to find the perfect solution to fit your wants and needs. The only thing left to do now is order your product, have it shipped to your home, and then apply it. You sleep better, with a peace of mind you didn't have before. 

Apr 30th 2022 RDR Technologies

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