What Makes a Good Fire Retardant Spray?

What Makes a Good Fire Retardant Spray?

Fire retardant spray applied in homes can save lives. The threat of fire is always there, particularly in the United States in places like California. When you're short on time and don't want to waste any more, you're looking to find the right product as soon as possible.

You know you want a fire retardant spray, but which one? Are they all the same? No way! We’re here to explain what exactly makes a great fire retardant spray and why you should get one.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Fire Retardant Spray?
  • What is Fire Retardant Made of?
  • How do Fire Retardants Work?
  • What Makes a Fire Retardant Spray a Good One to Buy?
  • Reputable Name Brand
  • Ideal for Your Substrate
  • Convenient to Buy
  • Order Fire Retardant Spray Online

What is a Fire Retardant Spray?

The Family Handyman tells us that fire retardant sprays are non-combustible chemicals applied in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The offer the following protection for your home:

  • Stop the spread of a fire
  • Slow the spread of a fire
  • Reduce a fire’s intensity
  • Reduce the smoke a fire produces

Most coatings are sprayed on with a standard paint sprayer. This makes fire retardant spray easy to apply and incredibly helpful in saving lives and protecting your property. The only thing left to do is to order your needed fire retardant spray. The question is, which one?

What is Fire Retardant Made of?

What is in a fire retardant? As per the Australian Ministry of Health, fire retardants contain water or wetting agents, foaming chemicals, fertilizers (including ammonium phosphate), thickeners, and corrosion inhibitors. All these chemicals act together to slow the spread or intensity of a fire.

How do Fire Retardants Work?

Flame retardants create a protective layer over the surface of the material it is sprayed on. This protective layer, made up of a combination of chemicals and materials, delays or inhibits the spread of fire.

What Makes a Fire Retardant Spray a Good One to Buy?

The last thing you want is to think you have more fire protection than you really do. This is why you're going to want to make sure you have a high-quality product that provides long-term protection. It isn't as impossible as it sounds. You're going to look for these four key features:

Reputable Name Brand

Just like with shoes or cars, some fire retardant spray name brands are more associated with a good product than others. We encourage you in particular to pay attention to the BanFire line of sprays. Beyond this top name brand, Contego and FireFree are good options too.

Ideal for Your Substrate

Some sprays are designed for specific substrates, like woodfabric, or metal. You're going to want to ensure you purchase the right product for your intended use. This way, you'll have peace of mind that you're getting the most protection possible.

Convenient to Buy

When you order online, you can have it shipped to you, spray it on your chosen substrate, and wait 24 hours. After that, you have the protection you want and need! This is by far the most convenient way to buy the fire retardant spray you are looking for.

Here is a good article on Electrical Fire Safety.

Order Fire Retardant Spray Online

Now you understand what makes a good fire retardant and what exactly are fire retardants made of, you can decide to purchase one online. RDR Technologies specializes in fire retardant sprays, paints, and coatings. We work with the top fire retardant manufacturers in the country to give you a one-stop shop to meet your fire code requirements. In addition to making our own BanFire line of sprays, we offer many excellent products from other manufacturers as well.

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