Wire Painting Advice: How to Protect Cables From Fire

Wire Painting Advice: How to Protect Cables From Fire

As an owner or manager of a building, it is your duty to keep the structure itself as well as everything and everyone inside as safe as possible. The threat of fire is always there, especially if your building has a lot of cables and wires in it. In our modern world with countless technology devices, what building doesn't have wires and cables?

How do I Protect my Cable From Fire?

Cables and wires are extremely flammable. This is somewhat troubling news because our tech-filled world has a lot of cables! If not properly manufactured, installed, and maintained, cables can be dangerous. Thankfully, there are heavy duty, acrylic latex based coatings to help. These products are used to prevent flame spread on all types of cables. They are specifically designed to reduce the spread of fire and increase the amount of time you have to react to flames before they spread. A fire-rated latex cable coating can be the difference between people surviving a fire or not being able to evacuate in time.

Order Wire Painting Fire Retardant Products Online

Now that you know it is possible to make your cords and wires less prone to a catastrophic fire, the only thing left to do is to order your needed products. We have fire retardants made especially for wires and cable! One we encourage you to pay special attention to is CharCoat 90 Minute Retardant Paint for Wire & Cable.

CharCoat is an FM-Approved Intumescent Latex Cable Coating that stops fire from spreading on the cable surface at the source. At the same time, it increases the fire resistance of the electrical power, control, or communication cable. It can do so whether it is a single, grouped, or in tray cord. It provides this protection for 90 minutes!

As an intumescent coating, CharCoat CC protects through insulation, expanding under heat to form an insulating char (up to 700%) that continues to insulate and protect the cable under fire for a period of time. This wire painting product is 100% UV stable, and can be applied to exterior cables as well.

While UV rays are quite damaging to exterior electrical cable sheaths, applying a wire painting product like CharCoat CC will extend the lifetime of any cable without failure. By coating the cables with CharCoat CC, your facility is able to protect the sheath from damaging UV rays and can, in most cases, extend the lifetime of the cable up to 15 years!

It is time to order your needed wire painting product. Soon, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your wires and cords, and therefore your building, are as safe as possible.

Feb 28th 2022 RDR Technologies

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