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Barricade Gel Home Fire Defense kit

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  • Barricade Fire Gel for home fire defense- 4 container and nozzle
  • Barricade Fire Gel for home fire defense - 4 containers
  • Nozzle for Barricade Fire Gel


What is a Barricade Fire Gel?

Barricade Gel is a liquid concentrate which, when mixed with water, provides dead-stop fire protection on the surface it coats. It can protect the wood, glass, vinyl, metal, and other surfaces. Barricade Fire Gel provides a unique, thermal-protective coating that, in addition to many different uses, can protect structures from burning when exposed to the effects of fire. 

This protective fire retardant gel coating can last up to 24 hours or longer, depending on weather conditions (temperature, wind and relative humidity). Misting the layer with an additional water spray can extend the protection times. Learn more about how long fire retardant gel for the house lasts.

What are the Benefits of this Fire Retardant Gel?

This fire retardant gel for houses provides a fire-stopping “barricade” for the homeowner to “prepare, protect and preserve” their assets. Barricade Fire Gel Home Defense Kit enables a homeowner to take a safe and effective action when faced with a threatening fire in or around their house and property. The best part is that it only requires using a standard garden hose. Together our fire-gel formula and application systems provide the barricade for effective and economical “loss protection.”

How to Apply this Fire Retardant Gel?

The Barricade® Home Kit™ comes complete with everything you’ll need to apply Barricade® Gel to your home with a regular garden hose. Simply follow instructions and thoroughly coat eaves, walls, windows, roofs, surrounding ground, and even vehicles. Barricade® fire retardant gel can be applied many hours before a fire approaches, allowing you and your family to retreat to a safe place until the threat passes. If necessary, the user can maintain the Barricade® protective coating for several days by simply re-misting with water.

Using the included sprayer and hose assembly, each 1 gallon container of Barricade concentrate will coat 500-700 square feet of area. The area you cover depends on how thickly you apply the product. A ¼ inch covering is recommended. The average home will take between 3-5 one-gallon containers of Barricade concentrate. 
You can also apply with a battery-powered backpack sprayer. Just put 6 ounces in a 4 gallon backpack sprayer, and hose down the area. That's just a 1% solution. It should last all day.

Additional information

This Barricade Gel Home Fire Defense Kit contains:

  • 4, 1 gallon containers of Barricade Fire Retardant Gel
  • Barricade Garden Hose Applicator
  • Printed instructions with link to Youtube video tutorial


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