Will the Barricade Fire Gel Hurt the Paint on my House?

Will the Barricade Fire Gel Hurt the Paint on my House?

Barricade fire gel is a fire retardant that acts as short-term fire suppressant. It is mixed with water and then applied to wood, glass, vinyl, metal, and more. The entire exterior of your home can and should be sprayed. This gel creates a fire protective coating that completely repels flaming embers.

When mixed with water, it provides dead-stop fire protection on everything it has coated. This is thanks to a unique, thermal-protective coating that can protect structures from burning when they are exposed to the effects of fire. This forms a fire-stopping “barricade” for the homeowner to “prepare, protect and preserve” their assets. It is extremely effective in cases of emergency in protecting structures, like houses, from the raveging flames of a wildfire.

Will it Affect Your Exterior Paint?

The short answer is, "probably not." The longer answer is that on a well maintained home, this special gel will not affect the paint. If the exterior paint of a house is already past its prime and chipping away, it is possible that the gel would hasten its decline. On the other hand, if you keep up with the exterior of your home and your paint is somewhat new, applied within the last few years, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

The longer that the wet Barricade gel is on your painted surfaces, the more likely it is to affect your paint. Remember, it is like having a wet blanket covering your entire house. If there are fires in the area, you can treat your house with Barricade, and periodically refresh the gel with a garden hose.

Even in the worst case scenario, the effects a spray would have on your paint are far less destructive than what the open flames of a wildfire would do! While we certainly understand your concern, it's important to keep in mind what the other alternative is. Nothing is worse than a wildfire reaching a completely unprotected home.

Order Barricade Fire Gel Online

When you want your home to be totally protected, you're looking for Barricade Fire Retardant Gel. Barricade Fire Gel Retardant forms a unique thermal protective gel-coating that stops flames from burning homes in a wildfire event.

Beyond hoping and praying, there is a further step we can take to stop wildfire from destroying our property. Keep Barricade Fire Gel on hand! Using a standard garden hose, you are able to take a safe and effective action when faced with a threatening fire in or around your home and property. This fire gel formula and application system provides the barricade you need for effective and economical protection. The Barricade® Home Kit™ comes complete with everything you’ll need to apply it.

If you're worried your home may be too near a wildfire, Barricade Fire Gel is the answer you've been looking for! We encourage you to order yours right away, so you're prepared the next time a wildfire threatens your area.

Mar 31st 2022 RDR Technologies

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