What can You Put on Wood Substrate to Make it Fire Resistant?

What can You Put on Wood Substrate to Make it Fire Resistant?

Even if you were never a boy scout, you know that in order to build a fire in the wilderness you need wood. Wood is a key ingredient in making a campfire!

Science tells us that under the influence of heat, wood easily produces substances that react eagerly with oxygen. Wood contains very little water. This leads to the high propensity of wood to ignite and burn.

What if you have wood you don't want to catch on fire, though? All of sudden, the properties that make an untreated wood substrate so flammable aren't good news. It is possible to increase the fire resistance of wood, as long as you're using the right product. So, how can you make wood fire resistant?

Increasing the Fire Resistance of Wood

Any wood in or around your building is prone to fire. This makes a wooden table, roof, bookshelf, framing, or other furniture potential safety hazards. This is why wooden structures and materials need to be made heat resistant. The way to fire retardant wood is through a flame resistant product.

Fire retardant wood is treated witha fire retardant chemical made especially for wooden substrate. Fire retardant foams, sprays, and paints work by forming a protective layer on the wood that protects it during a fire. Think of it like extra insulation, creating an additional barrier between the highly-flammable wood and the flames. These products are not only a solution for how to make wood fire retsistant. Additionally, treating any type of wood with these products also offers other benefits, like decreased smoke production and longer ignition time.

Is Fire Retardant Wood Considered Non-Combustible?

In short, the answer is no. Fire retardant wood is not considered non-combustible or fireproof. It's important to point out the difference between fire resistance and fire proof. Nothing will make the wood entirely fireproof. In fact, any organic material will eventually burn if it reaches its flash point.

That being said, the right products will give it enough resistance to allow you to quickly put out any flames before they spread. Fire retardant treated wood offers additional time for the people inside to escape during a fire. Even a few extra minutes is incredibly valuable in a structure fire.

Order Fire Retardants for Wood Substrate

Now that you know how to make wood fire retardant and that it is possible to make your wood less prone to a catastrophic fire, the only thing left to do is to order your needed products. We have fire retardants made especially for wood substrate! In total, we have over a dozen options so you're sure to find the perfect products to fit your wants and needs.

One we encourage you to pay special attention to is Contego Fire Retardant Paint & Primer, the ideal solution for how to fire retardant wood. This product is a full-bodied latex, single component coating designed to protect a wide range of wood substrate materials. This includes interior and exterior wood, manufactured wood products, trusses, doors, raw wood, decking, and more.

It offers exceptional protection from heat and fire, plus a smooth, thin, and decorative finish. No special equipment is required and any qualified contractor can apply it as easily as you would apply traditional paint.

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