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FX Flame Guard Clear Coat Fire Retardant

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Flame Guard is formulated as a Class A fire retardant wood treatment for interior or some exterior treatments. It can be used as a wood top coat and then painted over, or use it as a top coat or finish coat over pre painted (latex) or pre stained (non-sealer stain) wood, lumber, plywood or timbers.

For Lumber, Plywood, Thatching and Bamboo, Painted or Stained Surfaces, Card Board, Rubber Mulch, Corrugated Board and more. Polymer-based intumescent clear topcoat. ASTM E84 (30 Minute) Test, Standard Rain Submitted, NFPA 255 703, ANSI/UL 723 and UBC 42.1. Class A Rated. Comes with documentation for fire marshal.

PBDE free, Chlorine free , non-toxic, environmentally safe polymer based resin (insoluble when dry) and also has natural UV inhibitor and mold inhibitor.

Application Process: Ensure that all materials to be treated are clean and dry prior to application. Agitate coating before and during application. Apply Flame Guard in a very well ventilated area, if necessary, use respirator if adequate ventilation is not possible to keep exposure to particulate matter to a minimum. Apply Flame Guard as it is received. May be brushed on, rolled on or sprayed on with a pump sprayer. Coverage rate is 350-375 sf per gallon depending on material being treated. When spraying start from the bottom and work upwards. When doing multiple coats, wait for the first coat to cure before beginning the next application. First coat will require 24 to 32 hours drying period. Drying times will vary due to weather conditions (temp, humidity & wind). It is recommended to wear gloves & safety glasses when handling FX Flame Guard or chemicals of any type.

Flame Guard Spec Sheet

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