Flame Safe

Thatch Safe



Thatch Safe is a clear intumescent coating for exterior palm, reeds, bamboo, koa and tiki.

  • ASTM E84 Class 'A' Rated
  • NFPA 701
  • Apply 3 coats for finish coverage of 150 sq ft/gallon
Thatch-Safe is an easy-to-use fire retardant coating for tiki huts, bamboo and other decorative reed materials. Intumescent coating swells and chars to create a thick layer of protection against spread of flame. Colorless and non-toxic. Comes with documentation for fire marshal.
Surfaces to be treated should be clean and dry. Thatch-Safe requires a 24 hour curing time before applying any overcoating for interior applications. Thatch-Safe should be applied in its undiluted state. Apply three (3) coats at 500 square feet per gallon, with the final coverage rate of 150 square feet per gallon to unfinished wood. Apply Thatch-Safe with a conventional or airless sprayer, brush or roller. Use on substrates that are enclosed and/or in areas that are warm and dry. Treat all surface areas where possible. If overcoating is intended, Thatch-Safe can be used as a surface primer for use under latex paints and permits surfaces to be tinted with water based stains.
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