Learn More About Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense Retardant

Learn More About Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense Retardant

The thought of everything you have worked hard for going up in flames is enough to terrify anyone. Your house isn't just where you put all of your things. It's your home! It's where you and your family live. Everything you love is inside. You want to protect it from any types of threats, including wildfires. In some areas of the country, especially California, this may feel impossible. It is not! It's time you learn more about Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense Retardant.

Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense Retardant

Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense Retardant is the only long-term fire retardant available to homeowners. It was designed for fire-prone locations. You simply need to add it to your yard as a preventative measure to safeguard your home, pets, family, and property from wildfires. It works by reducing the combustibility of potential fuels. It naturally changes the molecular composition of organic materials in your yard, including the grass, wood, and vegetation. This change ensures that they no longer serve as fuel, which slows down the rate of spread of the fire.

We've all seen the orange stuff dropped from planes. Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense Retardant is made with an environmentally-friendly formula, making it a clear, uncolored version of the same product the United States Forest Service has relied on for their firefighting air tanker fleets for over 55 years. Think of it like your personal fire protection! It can be easily and effectively applied by any homeowner- no plane needed!

We know you care about damage to your yard, and the surrounding area. If you use it as directed, the formula is friendly to people and pets, as well as the environment. This product comes in a concentrate formula that mixes with water. The 0.75-gallon concentrate bottle produces 5 gallons of product for application and will cover approximately 500 square feet of fuel. Shake well before mixing and only mix with water at the time you plan to use it.

It's more than just safe; it's long-lasting too! Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense Retardant can help protect your property for months, until rain washes the formula away. We recommend you apply this fire suppressant in late Spring or early Summer when the vegetation has become brown, dry, and stopped growing. Keep a second batch of Phos-Chek Wildfire Home Defense Retardant on the shelf in your garage and apply it after heavy rainfall.

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While California has designed wildfire seasons, it seems like those seasons are getting longer and longer. Is there ever truly a time where your home isn't at risk from a fire? That's why we here at RDR Technologies recommend buying this fire defense product online and having it shipped to you as soon as possible. You don't want to miss your opportunity to protect everything and everyone you hold dear!

Oct 29th 2021 RDR Technologies

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