Quick Facts of Fire Retardant Paint for Spray Foam Insulation (SPF)

Quick Facts of Fire Retardant Paint for Spray Foam Insulation (SPF)

If you have recently installed spray foam insulation in your house, shop or business, chances are pretty good you will need to coat it with fire retardant paint. The fire marshal is usually happy to explain that to you, and not let you back in the building until it is painted.

We get a lot of business from people who didn't know they had to paint their foam. I love those folks.

There are really just two standards - a 5 minute ignition barrier (for inaccessible crawl spaces), and a 15 minute thermal barrier for everything else. 

The same paint can usually be used for either one, but the 5 minute ignition barrier can go on thinner.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is flammable, and makes some nasty smoke. Some types of foam already have an appropriate fire rating, so you may want to ask about that. That kind of foam doesn't require painting.

For marijuana grow houses that are converting warehouse space into growing space, be aware that fire code officials are paying extra attention to you. They are looking at foam, exposed wood, electrical conduit, SIPS, etc. 

The company that does your spray foam installation may not be equipped to paint your foam. It's two different sets of equipment and skill sets. But be sure to ask them what kind of foam they are applying - brand, density, type, closed cell/open cell, etc. It makes a difference on the type and thickness of the paint you apply. Just give us that info, and we can tell you what kind of paint will work for you.

Also know that the paint used for spray foam is pretty thick, and may require a paint spray rig that is stronger than most consumer models. We can advise you on that as well.

Fire retardant paint for spray foam insulation comes in a limited color range - white, ice grey, dark grey and black. However, FireGard is rated for exterior foam and comes in 24 colors.

Here are some of our top fire retardant paints for spray foam:

If you find yourself needing to paint your foam, give us a call at 405-702-0055, and we'll take care of you. And if you need it REALLY FAST, let us know. We'll make some calls.

Apr 8th 2021 Doug Stafford

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